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Agent Republic December 2020

2020 has been a living classroom of lessons about how to make sales a genuine superpower. What profound lessons did you learn from this year?

It has been one of the richest periods of discovery and insight about how to express value and move others to action.

You can no longer think that you will do business the way you did pre-covid and how you need to do business post-covid. We will unpack the 3 shifts in order for you to connect in a more deeper and meaningful way with your clients in 2021.

This year’s signature event we will walk you through 3 parts of the day;

Phase 1: The 3 Shifts you need to make in your business to triumph in 2021

Phase 2: Get ready to Pre-Load the year-to get focused, get committed, get certain and clear for the year ahead with a detailed plan.

Phase 3: Immersion Session-Ready to break your limitations and fears to become unstoppable and relentless with the incredible Johannes Egberts WIM HOF Method instructor. Johannes understands we’re capable of a heck of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. We need to be more vulnerable. More trust. More Courage. A deeper connection with ourselves.

He plans to take us through a Mindset Shift-a recalibration of intention. Fear Vs Love. We need to learn to love more our discomforts in life and embrace them rather than fight and go into fear. Understanding breathing plays a major role on how we centre ourselves in times of adversity, stress, fear or pushing ourselves exercising. The Breath-work theory that he will deliver will have you realise the importance that the breath is the life force . If you control the life force, the force is within YOU!

Then to complete an amazing day Johannes will prepare and guide us through Cold Exposure theory and practical He will break every limiting belief and fear you have. It’s our minds that sabotage us. You have a depth within you that needs to be stimulated. If it doesn’t get stimulated it gets weaker, like a muscle no longer being used anymore. What stops you getting into a cold bath-stops you everywhere in life. Discomfort is the fastest way to get comfortable in all areas of your life.

Join us on Tuesday 1st December to make 2021 EPIC!!!!

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