What can you do today to help make that dream a reality?


Are you a sales associate, lead generator, sales creator or a real estate agent finding that you have never been given a roadmap, tools, resources or skills to become the agent to $500K GCI?

Project 500 is the next evolution of real estate coaching. For the next 18 months you will complete 3 modules along a pathway to building the identity and key behaviours of a high performance agent, so when you make the transition from sales associate to a high performing agent, it is a successful one.

Your Coach will also work with you to provide the necessary motivation and accountability that you need to succeed.

Your Coach will function as a mentor and motivator at different times throughout the program based on your needs at each stage.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Project 500 Program:

  • Know the NUMBERS TO GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS: Most agents don’t understand or know the numbers you need to have in your business, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We identify the numbers you need to become a successful agent in the market place today. From how many calls you need to make, how many appointments you need to be going on to the number of sales required for you to be the High Performing agent.
  • Cultivate the Seven Habits of Becoming a High Performer: We all know about bad habits and the hesitation habits that we struggle with. Here you learn seven positive, productive habits of attitude and behaviour hat will support you under any circumstance on the path to your dreams
  • What you Don’t Measure you can’t GROW: To make the most of Project 500 you’ll want to match the speed of your growth and the development of your natural progression through accountability. The power of reflection tells the truth of your everyday business. By recognising your activities, you begin to build momentum with a series of small steps creating a ripple effect.
  • REASONS DRIVE RESULTS: Most real estate agents fall short of their goals. My goal is help you discover your inner power-the kind of power that will drive you to move mountains were nothing can stop you reaching the goals you wish to accomplish. Knowing your ‘WHY” or the reasons your doing this can unleash unconquerable inner power, drive and unrelenting passion. This time it can be different to reach your goals, if you own your ‘why’ and your story?
  • LEARN HOW TO BE AN AUTHORITY: Become the expert, they can’t live without. Do you provide value? Become invaluable. They’ll love you if you bring them helpful ideas and information on a regular basis by being relevant in your market place in 3 areas; RESULTS/RESOURCE/RESEARCHER
  • SKILLING UP: Have a level of persuasion and influence to highly connect with your clients by applying the correct scripts and dialogues with the words, tonality and body language we use to increase your results.
  • GAME PLAN: Get ready to put your game face for game day. From day one you will be given the tools, resources, strategies, skills, mindset and the necessary support to help you become a High Performing Agent through our 3 modules.
  • 3 LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE: What makes the best people tick? Why do some people work at a really high level and others such seem to get by and some just seem to struggle? No matter what happens in the economy those 3 levels always seem to exist. These 3 levels could also be levels of confidence, salesmanship, energy that you offer every day to your customers. High Performance is a ‘State of Mind’.
  • Mental Toughness: Embrace the suck and harnessing patience is key to your success. We help you how to handle the push back and rejection and move your state of mind quickly by building the pillars of resilience.
  • And So Much More…


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