Here’s how to Breakthrough in 2017

Day 1 • Breakdown

Claudio will take a closer look at your business for the past 12 months by being honest and help you move away from your ‘current reality trap’. The results will open your eyes and we can begin to show you how you can increase your business as a minimum of 30% year on year and even 2x 3x your business. What major lessons did you learn in 2016? What challenges did you face in the last 12 months?

Day 2 • Breakthrough

Take control in 2017 by mapping out your entire year and begin journey of becoming a PRO from the information you already know.

Do you know your ‘why’?

Ever feel like you don’t reach or complete your goals? Most people have never realised or understand ‘why’ they do what they do in life. Claudio will help you discover your ‘Why’ factor in life which we allow you to tap into your ability, potential and talent each day helping you reach your goals and dreams.

The 5 Key Equites of your LIFE

Breaking down your business is one thing but how do you find balance and the develop the rich habits to change your life around health, personal, financial, family/relationships and business. An action plan to immediately find the balance you have been looking for.

Business Strategies

Developing ways to increase market share in your BDA and start to be seen as the expert in your suburb with a clear plan with your market and lead generation calendar for 2017. Understand how to be world class in 4 new lead generation systems including expired listings which can play a major source of new business in the next 12 months. Finally, learning the steps to an effective listing presentation.

Motivation & Commitment

80% of our success is the mind. This session will help you create massive momentum and maintain traction daily by implementing a daily rhythm report to keep you on track in 2017.

Going PRO

Now, it’s time to claim your best self in all areas of your life with a complete roadmap with clarity, structure and the positive mindset to the life of being a PRO.

Book Your Seats Now, Before its too late

Day 1 – Monday 7th December 2016
Time: 12:30pm-5:00pm
Venue: Kirribilli Club, 11 Harbour View Crescent, Lavender Bay NSW

Day 2 – Friday 29th January 2017
Time: 9:00- 4:00pm
Venue: Kirribilli Club, 11 Harbour View Crescent, Lavender Bay NSW

Cost: $597 (inc gst) for 2 day event